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Introducing the isolved People Cloud Mobile App

Introducing the isolved People Cloud Mobile App

We are thrilled to introduce the upgraded isolved People Cloud Mobile App, now available in both the Apple™ and Android™ app stores. This cutting-edge app offers your employees seamless access to crucial HR information, covering everything from time off to pay and more, all accessible on any device.

This mobile app has been meticulously crafted with today's workforce in mind. It boasts a user-friendly interface and incorporates consumer-grade technology to enhance productivity and ensure consistent, high-performance experiences for all your employees.

With the Mobile App you can:

  • Engage in a modern, simplified onboarding process
  • Quickly view and update personal information and complete necessary forms
  • Compare election options and enroll in benefits Clock in and out of shifts, view schedules and manage time off requests
  • View and manage pay information, including pay history, taxes, and direct deposit
  • Access announcements via in-app push notifications Complete and submit expense reports
  • Leverage Face ID for a secure login experience

Now you can provide your employees with a user-friendly, self-service platform that grants them easy access to essential tools, reducing administrative burdens. They can effortlessly view and manage payroll, timekeeping, benefits, talent management, and other company-related information in one convenient location.

Our intelligently connected platform ensures seamless integration with solutions like Share & Perform, Learn & Grow, and Giving & Volunteering through our mobile app. This connectivity automates data sharing, ensuring a consistent and connected experience across the board.

Your employees can also benefit from quick and secure access, with built-in user authentication and the option to use Face ID for instant app login. Additionally, stay in the loop with timely communication, receiving push notifications, responding to messages, and taking action on tasks to enhance communication and overall efficiency.

QR Codes for quick access to the App:

apple mobile app    android mobile app


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