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How to Ensure Accurate W-2s

How to Ensure Accurate W-2s

Now is the time to start preparations for a successful Year-End by reviewing the employee information you have on file and making any necessary changes. This allows time for any corrections or adjustments that may be required before returns are filed and W-2 forms are issued.


Data to Verify

  • Employee Legal Name – As shown on employee’s Social Security Card
  • Social Security Number
  • Date of Birth
  • Current Address
  • Work City Tax – Municipality where the employee performs their job
  • Ohio Residence City Tax
  • Ohio Residence School District Tax
  • Federal Filing Status – Not necessarily the same as employee’s marital status
  • Bank Account information – Direct Deposit accounts
  • Recurring Deductions taken from employee’s pay – Health Insurance, 401k, etc.
  • Garnishment or Child Support Deductions

How can I remind employees to check and update this information?

Use a check stub message

With the exception of the birth date and the Social Security Number if you use masking, all of the information listed above can be found on the employee’s pay stub. Your Payroll Processor can add a message to your employee’s pay stub to verify their information.

Verify Employee Profiles

Request an Employee Profile Report from your Payroll Processor.  Pass them out with payroll checks and have employees verify and sign off on them, making any necessary changes.  Have them returned to your HR or Payroll department for any updates or corrections.

Create a Questionnaire

Create your own form and have employees re-submit all information for verification.  This may be a good method if you need to update Emergency Contact information as well.

Create a Spreadsheet file

Create a document that employees can fill in and return to you. Cut and paste into one master file.

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