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Free Yourself from Manual Carrier Communications

Free Yourself from Manual Carrier Communications

Communicating benefits enrollment data and life change events to carriers manually is disruptive, and time-consuming. This process requires timeliness and accuracy, which can be challenging, particularly for larger organizations.

Fortunately, Ahola partners with EverythingBenefits to make this process as seamless as possible for clients and their HR teams. EverythingBenefits’ Carrier Connectivity solution reduces the manual process of communicating highly sensitive benefits data and connects you to an extensive network of over 600 carriers.

The Benefits of Automating Carrier Communications

  • The manual process is time-consuming and error-prone, which can put organizations at risk for costly errors and increased liability.
  • Working with third-party providers can create another set of issues, such as not having a monitoring or feedback system in place, not knowing if and when the benefits data was communicated and whether it was completed accurately.
  • Most benefits providers only allow groups with 100 or more employees to enroll using automated EDI technology. This prevents groups with low enrollment in specific plans from using this technology.

What does EverythingBenefits’ automated Carrier Connectivity solution offer?

EverythingBenefits’ Carrier Connectivity solution completely eliminates the manual method of communicating sensitive benefits data and supports supports groups of any size.

  • Quick Setup: Automatic connections in as few as 8-14 weeks. With digital enrollment forms, this can be cut down further to just 2-4 weeks.
  • Secure and Automatic: Automatically and securely deliver enrollment and benefits data to insurance carriers for open enrollments, new enrollments, terminations, or any other events.
  • Expansive Carrier Network: EverythingBenefits has an extensive network of over 600+ benefits providers.
  • Full Transparency: Clients have access to a portal where they can access every communication.
  • Benefits Utilization Insights: EverythingBenefits’ powerful reports, provide insights into all of the data communications and historical trends, allowing clients to understand how their employees are leveraging their benefits.
  • Open Enrollment Support: EverythingBenefits works with clients during open enrollment to help communicate their new plans to the benefits providers.
  • Supportive Team: EverythingBenefits’ support team is always monitoring files, so you’ll be notified if your attention is needed.

How Does It Work?

EverythingBenefits experts will work with you, and your carriers to select and implement the appropriate communications format, validate, and build-out automated data communication bridges with your providers.

Once connections are in place, EverythingBenefits’ platform will monitor transmissions, staying on top of your data, to proactively keep you in the loop and notify you of anything that may require your attention.

For more information about Carrier Connectivity, contact us today.

About EverythingBenefits

 EverythingBenefits is a leading provider of next-generation, end-to-end benefit technology solutions and services that help businesses of all sizes and their employees experience benefits in more meaningful ways. The company’s philosophy is that technology should make life simpler, more rewarding, and more enjoyable. For more information, please visit our website at or connect with us via LinkedIn, Twitter, or Facebook.



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