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Why Medical Practices Outsource Payroll

Why Medical Practices Outsource Payroll

With all the work that goes into preparing and administrating payroll, this activity alone can consume a few days of your week…

Whether you’re a dentist, veterinarian, or optometrist,  managing payroll can be a real hassle. The rules and regulations surrounding payroll can be complex, and often vary from region to region. Outsourcing your payroll functions to a firm that specializes in payroll may sound like just another expense your practice should try to do without—but hiring a payroll firm will actually save you both time and money. Here are four great reasons to outsource payroll.

1. Leverage the Experts

Managing and administering payroll is not as straightforward a process as we’d like. In addition to making sure all checks are cut and delivered to the right employees in a timely manner, payroll has to withhold the right amounts for taxes, monitor any withholdings for benefits, and track accumulated vacation time, sick days or advances. All of this must be in compliance with the latest local, state and federal employment laws.

Since payroll firms handle nothing but payroll, they’re experts on this topic. They’re always up to date on the rules and regulations that govern payroll, taxes and benefits, and they can help ensure that every employee is paid correctly and on time.

2. Time-Saving Convenience

With all the work that goes into preparing and administrating payroll, this activity alone can consume a few days of your week. If you own a small practice, you simply don’t have the time to devote to payroll—and hiring a payroll employee would be cost-prohibitive. For practice managers, all that time spent working on payroll would be better served if they could focus on core responsibilities.

Working with a payroll firm saves your practice valuable time, and time is money. Outsourcing this function also reduces the stress of having to deal with payroll—and lowered stress means higher productivity.

3. Reduced Risk

A professional payroll services firm will take on the accountability for your payroll. This means your company has a reduced risk for employee errors and other costly payroll-related issues, including compliance issues with state and federal employment laws.

For smaller practices, outsourcing your payroll gives you greater separation of duties, reducing the risk of fraud that occurs when just one or two employees handle all of the accounting and payroll activities for the practice.

4. Advanced Technology

Payroll firms can offer more advanced payment options to your employees at a lower cost. Through economy of scale, payroll service providers have access to technologies such as direct deposit and secure electronic paystubs—programs that can be cost-prohibitive for individual companies to offer. These convenience benefits also help to increase employee satisfaction.

Finally, a payroll firm can provide additional services for your practice, such as time and attendance tracking and tax form preparation. Establishing a professional relationship with a payroll service provider makes it easier for your practice  to outsource more functions as your business needs grow and change.

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