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[Webinar Recording Available] COVID-19: Understanding New Paid Sick Earnings Codes

[Webinar Recording Available] COVID-19: Understanding New Paid Sick Earnings Codes

The Families First Coronavirus Response Act (FFCRA) goes into effect April 1, 2020. We’re hosting a 30 minute webinar to review the COVID-19 Sick Pay options required in the new law, and how to use them.

We’ll discuss qualified circumstances for FFCRA Emergency Sick Pay in detail, and how sick leave is paid out in each circumstance. We’ll also discuss the expansion of FMLA coverage when an employee is unable to work in order care for their child whose school or place of care is closed for reasons related to COVID-19. This webinar will clarify which earnings you may need to use in each situation, in order to ensure your employees are paid correctly.

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